Nailed It

This post has been host to a few signs over the years.

All Paths Lead to Milwaukee

In the middle of the city, all paths are headed to Milwaukee Junction.

Make Way for the Power

Over time, nature gives way to man.

High Angles

Ping Pong

City Skyline

I went downtown and put the bird up for some civil twilight shots. This will be a phenomenal view when we get clear skies to the West. I’m gonna have to come back again when the clouds go away!


An amazing full moon!

Minnesota High School Hockey Semifinals

There’s nothing quite like being down, up-close, on the ice for the MN 6AA Boys Hockey Semifinals.

These boys are faaaast!
On the lookout for a score.

The Other Side of the Tracks

SLP Snow

I went around the neighborhood of our townhouse in St Louis Park, and captured some snippets of life during a snowstorm.

Traffic moves slowly during a snowstorm.
Only the most die-hard ride bicycles during a snowstorm.