A River Runs Through It

Sometimes you need to stop and enjoy the beauty of a place you’ve seen a thousand times before. (Hover over the image to see the color version)

Self Portrait

Caught myself looking. (Hover over the image to see the color version)

Moonlit Contemplation

A single person in the moonlight watching the flow of the River (hover over image for color version)

New Life of Spring

The smallest things have so much impact. Life goes on.

What Ice?

I agree with the warning: There is no ice. So, yes, please stay off of it.

Tiny Valley

Found this tiny valley at the base of some trees. I wonder if the gnomes living here saw me watching their valley?

Fleeing the Stormfront

Wicked weather rolling, folks getting out fast.

Nailed It

This post has been host to a few signs over the years.

All Paths Lead to Milwaukee

In the middle of the city, all paths are headed to Milwaukee Junction.

Make Way for the Power

Over time, nature gives way to man.