Time and Space Project: Fine Art Prints

Artist’s Statement

I have always been fascinated by the inter-connectivity of Time and Space.

Both time and space are temporary. Every moment of every day we are each a temporary inhabitant of the space we occupy. Every time we move, we temporarily fill a new unique physical space, and give up the old space to someone else. Even when we move through a seemingly identical daily routine, we never occupy the exact same space twice.

I love History and the concept of Time Travel. When I visit an historical site, I imagine the people who have previously inhabited the same space where I stand. Photography, History, and Time Travel have always seemed interconnected to me. When I look at a historical photograph, I imagine transporting back in time to experience what was captured in the photograph. History happens on a continuum. Every moment that passes creates a new historical record. 1 second from now is History in preparation. The perpetual momentum of the historical timeline feeds itself.

I have been enamored with photography as long as I can remember, first using my mother’s Kodak Instamatic 100. I still have that camera, and some of the photos I took with it when I was 7 or 8 years old. I think my love of History is due in part to my early introduction to photography.

I created these photo-montage pieces as study and an expression. Thinking about the inter-connectivity of Time and Space, I thought it would be interesting to see how a series of singular frozen moments in time can reveal a hidden world of overlapping occupants of a given space. I chose a grid layout to reflect our deep-seated desire to control the pace of time passing, desperately trying to contain every second of our lives. Even in popular public areas of our community, I don’t think we often stop and think about how we each individually share the same sections of space over the course of time as we move about our lives.

Don McLeer, Sioux Falls, SD


These Fine Art prints have a velvet finish paper with a matte appearance. The thickness and surface texture of this fine art paper provides both substance and beauty.

Fine Art prints are created with archival pigment inks that significantly enhance the visual brilliance of both color and black & white images. The pigment inks have a substantial longevity that keeps the image beautiful for generations.

The Fine Art velvet finish paper is 100% cotton. It has a patterned texture with a similar look and feel to watercolor paper.

Fine Art prints come in 3 size options. Each size is delivered mounted on board, ready for framing:

  • 10″ X 20″ Fine Art Print: $225 (includes shipping)
  • 12″ X 24″ Fine Art Print: $265 (includes shipping)
  • 20″ X 40″ Fine Art Print: $340 (includes shipping)

Fine Art prints are hand-signed by the artist.

You can view the details and order any of the photo montage fine art prints by clicking on the images below.